Saturday, August 22, 2009

Removing TRIAL TIME LIMIT of softwares!!

Removing TRIAL TIME LIMIT of softwares!!

We all know that the trial version of any software is functional for only the given time period after which we have to buy the license key.

Even on removing/uninstalling the software and then again installing, it shows time limit expired.

Why this happens??
Usually the software leaves some entries in the windows registry which it can use later on to identify if it was installed before or not. You can clean them easily. Just do this.

Open registry editor and click Edit->Find to open the Find window. Type the exact name of the software in it first and tick mark all the three check boxes before starting search. Once it locates anything with that name in the registry, you can delete the value.. or if the key looks suspicious then you can delete the key too.. keep pressing F3 and it will keep on searching the registry till it reaches the end point where it will notify you. but be careful not to delete any system keys otherwise your windows may malfunction.

Secondly, once again close all the registry tree by pressing left arrow key after highlighting any key of the registry and take it back to My Computer and once again open the Find window. now type something else related to that software...for example the company's name...or brand name...or something like that... and keep doing it till all the keys and values related to that particular software are gone.

Lastly, type the exact folder path of that folder in which the software was installed in the find box after collapsing the registry tree and only check the "Data" checkbox and search the entire registry. Values having matching data entries will surely be related to that software so you can delete them and if the key is suspicious then the key as well.

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