Tuesday, August 25, 2009

change d start button

First you have to download a tool resource
hacker from website http://rpi.net.au/ajohnson/
r. Now open reshacker.exe and open
file menu. Go to c:\windows and open explorer.
exe. Now click on the string table on the left
hand side and then select 37 and then 1033. You
will see “start” on the right hand side of the
screen. Now you can delete the letters start
but only under “ “ . Suppose you name it
“Techno India”. Then click on the compile script
button. Save this file as say “newexplorer.exe”
in windows. Now start registry editor by
typing regdit in run window. Go to key
NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. Select shell ,
right click it and select modify , and then
write the new version of explorer.exe i.e.
newexplorer.exe. This will load modified version
of explorer.exe when system boots. Restart
the system and find the effect.

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