Saturday, August 22, 2009

displaying windows password

ophcrack windows nt password recovery
Ophcrack is a tool that is able to quickly display Windows NT account passwords using Rainbow Tables instead of brute forcing the passwords. While it could take years to bruteforce a password that uses letters, numbers and special chars it takes only minutes to do so with Ophcrack.

Ophcrack can be downloaded with several different table sets. The default live cd is able to reveal passwords with alphanumeric chars only. If no passwords are revealed using this method you should download different table sets which support other chars as well.

Two additional table sets can be downloaded from the Ophcrack website. The first is 720 megabytes and should only be used on machines with at least 500 megabytes of ram. A smaller one with only 388 megabytes can be downloaded for machines with less than that amount of ram.

A new version of Ophcrack was released just four days ago. (Ophcrack 1.1.4)

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