Saturday, August 29, 2009

■■■ Image in folder background ■■■

Image in folder background
~~This trick will help u in setting a pic in your folder background

Go to Control panel -> Folder options -> view tab -> show hidden files and uncheck the 2 boxes below it

Open a folder, search for a file desktop.ini (cnt find it? scroll to end of this post)
U will see something like this or a bit different


Now add this line below it:

IconArea_Image=C:\Documents and Settings\win xp\My Documents\My Pictures\kihlo32qwe.jpg


C:\Documents and Settings\win xp\My Documents\My Pictures\kihlo32qwe.jpg

with ur location of the image u wanna set as background

Refresh and close the folder and chck again


In case if ur folder dont have the desktop.ini file thn do this to create it

Open folder -> right click -> properties -> customize tab
change icon of the folder to any icon and u cn see the desktop.ini file now


Remove the line in the file ,simple

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