Saturday, August 29, 2009

computer diary

it was only a matter of time until someone create a software that would function as a virtual diary. I do know many people that keep a diary and all of them are using the usual notebook to write their daily entries. Another method for the virtual generation would be to use a software like iDaily Diary to keep a diary on your computer. Software diaries have some advantages over notebooks.
The main advantage that I can think of is that it is easier to protect the software diary with passwords, this can’t be done with a notebook. You could hide the notebook but if someone finds it the information are all there. Another advantage is that it is easier to add pictures and links to the software diary although you could as well ad stuff like this to the notebook too which would probably grow to big if you add lots of pictures and paper to it.
Using iDaily Diary is pretty easy. You set a password at first start and may read the tutorial that is presented afterwards. The interface looks similar to Word, the main difference is a calendar that is added at the bottom of the page. You can easily switch to entries using that calendar.
Writing entries is done like in any other text processing application. You can format text, use pictures, tables and links and all the other benefits that word processing programs offer. Diary pages can be exported to html if desired, this could be useful if you want to publish them on your personal website

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